Follow the Skeleton Family - SkeletonMan, SkeletonWoman, SkeletonBoy, SkeletonGirl, SkeletonDog, SkeletonCat and SkeletonBird as they travel the world and engage in all sorts of fun and friendly LifeStyle activities!

At the same time my objective will be to educate our children, adolescents and adults on the greatest music of all time.  On each page you will find a classic tune - some from today, some from yesterday!  It is my hope that you will enjoy this element of our Musical eBook!

The plan is to develop over 100 LifeStyle images of Skeleton People and the Skeleton Family.  All of these images will be available as T-Shirts very shortly.  We'd appreciate it if you would tell everyone about these fun and colourful items - and buy them for yourself and for great gifts!

Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing (Official Music Video).mp3

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